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Radu Ometită Software engineer
Dealing with complexity through TDD and Agile

In the last couple of years, project complexity has slowly (and recently not so slowly) risen to a level where the previous ways of dealing with it seem no longer effective. In this first part, I will share some of the reasons why I think complexity is here to stay and also why I think it will continue to raise the bar on what acceptable software means. Complexity is primarily linked to Moore*s law and to the incredible growth of computing power available today.

Radu Marius Florin Business & Data Analyst
Review for “Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook”

I have experimented with Haskell various exercises for my curiosity and for learning purposes. I consider myself an old-school statistician, an R programmer and sometimes Python. I am interested in statistics and data analysis, in concepts and new paradigms such as NoSQL, Big Data, MapReduce or functional programming. Note to readers: this is not an introductory book for Haskell or functional programming but rather the author assumes that the reader is familiar with the syntax and system of types of Haskell - which is significantly different from other programming languages. There are functional programming concepts, such as monad or purity, frequently used in the book.

Ovidiu Simionica Team Lead
Java 8 – collections processing

Java 8 is beautiful. Yes, I class it as feminine even before reaching the magic number of 8. In this article I will dare to analyze to what extent this beauty is shape versus substance. I admit that Java has constantly left its fans dissatisfied when competing with other programming languages. Lambda expressions. Yes, C# has Lambda expressions from version 2007 which was launched in 2007. Java needed 7 additional years to offer it. Functional programming came really late.

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Florentina Suciu Software engineer
Getting started with OpenXML

In this article, we are trying to draw a basic map to programmatically manipulate xlsx files using Office Xml library. Many applications require working with excel files, either for reading and importing data from it, or for exporting data into reports, so it is important to know how to programmatically manipulate excel files. Since 2007, Excel files have completely changed their internal structure. Xls was a proprietary binary file format, whereas xlsx is an Xml Based-format, called Office Open Xml (OOXML).

Augustin Onaciu Project Manager
Phases and processes in the structure of a project

In most software projects, except perhaps those of small size, project managers use well known methodologies. These can be represented by dedicated systems - PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) or PRINCE2 - but they may also be replaced by methodologies specific to a particular organization. Although these approaches have a number of differences regarding orientation and use specific terminology, all have a few key points: the projects are delivered in stages and these stages involve the use of some common project management processes.

Sorina Mone Marketing manager
Startup marketing: challenges and practical ideas

Budget, team and limited resources in general, anonymity and the need to create awareness, sometimes the need to educate the market and the need to generate sales opportunities – these are just some of the challenges faced by startup businesses. In this context, the process and the marketing approach applied by startups has at least some particularities often addressed in the marketing literature and certainly „lived” by many organizations in the early stages of their existence.

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Cosmin Stirbu iOS Software Developer
MVVM in Windows Phone 8

Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern defines three major components: Model, View and ViewModel:
- Model: Business domain (logic related to the business of the application, entities, data access)
- View: User interface (in Windows Phone – PhoneApplicationPage)
- ViewModel: “The model of the View” – an abstraction of the View that facilitates the communication between the View and the Model



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