Sorina Mone

Sorina Mone

Marketing manager @Fortech

The dream of a Summer School came true: the Fortech hiSchool Training Program

Organizing practical courses for high school students was one of the first pillars of Fortech’s vision I became aware of after joining the company. This “dream” was kept on the company’s agenda until the conditions were favorable to make it real. The new main office opened up nice perspectives for initiatives that require a special logistic, dedicated people and well connected partners. With all these elements in place, the HR department and a team of passionate guys from Fortech, together with a group of teachers from “Avram Iancu” theoretical high school set the stage for the hiSchool Training program.

Startup marketing: challenges and practical ideas

Budget, team and limited resources in general, anonymity and the need to create awareness, sometimes the need to educate the market and the need to generate sales opportunities – these are just some of the challenges faced by startup businesses. In this context, the process and the marketing approach applied by startups has at least some particularities often addressed in the marketing literature and certainly „lived” by many organizations in the early stages of their existence.

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