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Dan Nicolici Senior Java Developer
Clean code = money in the pocket

I am writing this article, because I have seen the “bad code = lost money” equation way too many times. The article is intended for both technical and nontechnical audiences in the IT industry. I am going to give a short and to the point explanation on how writing clean code impacts positively the financial aspects of a product.

The Challenge of Leadership - part I

When a new leader is appointed to an organisation it is almost invariably because the Board of Directors has determined that change is required to fulfil the company’s potential. Here in the first of a series of three articles, Martin Mackay, recently appointed as CEO of Neverfail Group, explores a framework he is employing to respond to the challenge of change leadership. The second article will discuss in more detail the five key responsibilities a leader has to recognise and the final article will review the seven behaviours a leader must exhibit.

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