Mihnea Lazăr

Mihnea Lazăr

Java Developer @.msg systems Romania

SoCraTes 2015 Unconference

“The most interesting parts of a conference are the coffee breaks” That is a key idea on which the concept of “unconference” was based upon. That the networking and information transfer, the best part of a conference, happens in a more efficient and enjoyable manner between sessions. Also known as an open space conference, an unconference steers away from the classical concept of fixed conferences with predetermined subjects of discussion.

Pragmatism in programming

Pragmatism, as a term, refers to treating a task in a manner that focuses on the practical aspect of the approach, to maximize efficiency. In the field of programming, this term refers to the “best practices” of programming. These often refer to writing clean code and managing the code in a manner as efficient as possible, to make it easily understandable, by the person that writes the code, and by the people that will read the code in the future. The present article will present a series of ideas, with the purpose of improving the way we write our code, and the way we handle the projects given to us.

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