Victor Ionescu

Victor Ionescu

SAP IT Consultant @.msg systems Romania

Brief introduction into the SAP world

Since after the publication of our previous articles on SAP-related technologies, readers have suggested that a short introduction into the SAP environment would be very welcome, we have decided to take the advice and start a series of articles that will provide some insights into the SAP world. Consequently, in this article we start off by analyzing several aspects of the SAP products and technologies, answering questions such as: Who or what is SAP? What solutions does SAP provide? What is different about SAP technologies and what does software development in the SAP environment imply?

ABAP in Eclipse

While SAP’s reputation has been built around the business solutions which the company is able to offer to its enterprise clients, the technical platform supporting these solutions has not necessary been the center of attention. However, the recent initiatives indicate that SAP wants to change this fact. Among these initiatives is also the decision to migrate the classical ABAP development environment from the standard SAP GUI interface to a more modern platform, namely Eclipse.

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