Andreea Misaras

Andreea Misaras

Learning & Development Partner @Betfair

Walking Month – how can you turn walking into a good deed?

It all started in 2010 as an internal competition for staff members in order to promote a healthy life style (keep walking, leave your car at home) and social interaction among staff members (team walkers). The competition grew in popularity over time, a popularity nobody anticipated. More and more people registered. People started running in the park in the evening because they did not reach the number of scheduled steps for the day. People started posting pictures from weddings and christianings where the contest bracelet can be seen in the foreground, or pictures from company parties where new records were established, or pictures of people telling their peers they achieved few steps. This was the general mood throughout the Walking Month competition.


If you happen to pass by Betfair’s office in October, there are high chances you’ll hear everybody talking about FedEx Day. You don’t really know what to expect. Are we ordering something? Is this some kind of special delivery that everybody’s excited about? Are we getting something cool? Besides, if you’re a manager it looks bad not to have the tiniest clue of what’s going on. But I’m freaking out for no good reason. Just when I could picture the FedEx van in front of the office, things start to get clearer.

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