Adrian Beșleagă

Adrian Beșleagă

Manager Operatiuni @ A&I Consulting

The Tax relief for the reinvested profit – New regulations 2016

According to the new Fiscal Code, entrepreneurs benefit from a wider scope regarding the items which they purchase and which fall under the tax relief law for the reinvested profit. In other words, entrepreneurs have the possibility to reduce the amount of profit tax by investing it in IT equipment: hardware and software. In the following lines, we will explain which are the new legal changes and we will present three examples of tax calculation that can be exempt from the reinvested profit.

Non-wage Benefits in 2015 under Scrutiny

Given that this year the main focus of tax authorities with control attributions has been the identification of additional salary-related or similar income, we considered as appropriate to review the main expenditures of companies, apparently in the direct benefit of employees, which may be reinterpreted as a benefit in kind and thus are liable to taxation accordingly.


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